I am a visual artist from Victoria B.C. In 2008 I attended Camosun College (Victoria, B.C.) where I completed the 2 year Art Diploma Program. I then went on to Concorida University (Montreal, Que.) where I majored in Drawing and Painting, graduating wth distinction in 2013.

It wasnt until after I graduated that I started to shift my focus towards sculpture.

I have shown across Canada, in Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and Victoria as well as in La Plata Argentina. I have completed two residences, one in La Plata Argentina and one in Victoria B.C.. I am currently living and working in Victoria B.C.

Artist Statement

When I was a kid I always wanted the ability to shrink down very small so I could explore the worlds we could not see. I grew up with, what seemed at the time, a never ending garden, and a house that seemed to have endless places to play. I fantasized about living in between rocks, under giant leaves, in cracks in the walls and inside our furniture. There was one spot in particular, directly behind my house, where, when I sat myself down in front of these mossy rocks the whole world would grow around me and I would feel as though my desire to shrink had come true. This garden and home was full of a kind of magic that I feel I have been searching for ever since. Not just the beauty of these places but also the dark and strange, the tingly, the scary and the unexplainable.

I create site specific miniature worlds that crawl along walls, float out into space and root themselves into the ground. I make these worlds out of easily accessible materials (chicken wire, fabric, glue, cardboard) and found objects and discarded bits. I work with found objects because of a familiarity that they hold from having a past purpose and life. It’s their lack of preciousness that makes them feel open for manipulation. When I place these different objects and materials together I feel like a story teller - building a story - one where the viewer gets to choose their own beginning, middle and end.

These worlds started from moments of play as a child. Now the construction of these worlds reflect my every day life but also act as a vehicle to explore different themes/concepts.

And all the while I continue to search for that magic.