2013 BFA with Distinction, Major in Drawing and Painting, Concordia University, Montreal, Que.  

2008 Diploma of Fine Arts, Camosun College, Victoria, B.C. 


2019 Tangled, Xchanges Gallery, Victiria B.C.

2017 Daydreaming and the long burn out, Arc.hive, Victoria  B.C.

2016 Floating City, PaddelBox Gallery, Victoria B.C.

2016 The City of Innard, The Ministry of Casual Living – Odeon window space, Victoria B.C.

2016 So damp, them three bellies grew a whole damn world, The fifty fifty arts collective, Victoria, B.C.

2015 Fecund, Tremula, La Plata, Arg.  

2014 The Wanderer, Residencia Corazón, La Plata, Arg.  


2018 Commute, The City of Victoria - Arts and Culture, Victoria B.C.

2018 Drawing Conclusions, Errant Art Space, Victoria B.C.

2017 Friday the 13th - Part 2, East Side Flea, Vancouver B.C.

2017 A wrinkle in time, PDA Projects, Ottawa Ont.

2017 Hopeful Monsters, Arc.hive A.R.C., Victoria B.C.

2016 The Space Between, Untitled, Vancouver B.C.

2016 Integrate Arts Festival, Victoria, B.C.

2015 Out of the Dark, Studio Robazzo, Victoria B.C.

2015 Queens of Creation, Verdun store front, Montreal, Que. 

2015 Recycled installation, Creatively United Festival, Victoria, B.C.

2014 you’re lucky you’re pretty, you’re lucky you’re cute, La Centrale, Montreal, Que.  

2014 Beauty and the Beasts, BBAM Gallery, Montreal, Que.  

2014 Sweet & Sour, PDA Projects, Ottawa, Ont.  

2014 Untitled, Fresh Paint Gallery, Montreal, Que.  

2013 Guts Meet Teeth, Studio 44, Montreal, Que.  

2013 Monstra, Eglise Sainte-Brigide, Montreal Que.  

2013 Ladies First, BBAM Gallery, Montreal, Que.  

2013 Lost In The Bush, BBAM Gallery, Montreal, Que.  

2013 It Matters How You Got Here, St. Henri Store Front, Montreal, Que.  

2012 Chevrolet, Fresh Paint Gallery, Montreal, Que.  

2012 The Roller Coaster, Mouse Print Gallery, Montreal, Que.  

2012 Feralscape, Seratone Studios, Montreal, Que.  

2012 It Collects Dust, Burritoville, Montreal, Que.  

2011 Material Excess, VAV Gallery, Montreal, Que.   

2009 Nip Slip, Sub V, Montreal Que.  

2008 Ambidextrously, The Project Art Community, Victoria, B.C.  

2008 32 Point Perspective, Market Square, Victoria, B.C.  

2008 Moss Street Paint-In, Moss Street, Victoria, B.C. (Invited by The Greater Victoria Art Gallery) 


2015, Camosun College, Victoria, B.C.

2014, Residencia Corazón, La Plata, Arg. 


2019 Anything Art Grant, Specto Art Space, Harrisonburg. VA

2015 Artist in Residence Grant, Camosun College, Victoria, BC

2010 Stevenson Colour Scholarship, Concordia University, Montreal Que.  


2016 States of Homes,PDA Press, Ottawa, Ont.

2016 Growth and Grime, Analogue, Victoria, B.C.


2014 #3 Under Pressure Fanzine, Montreal, Que. (featured artist) 


2018 Art Capacity, Little Fernwood Gallery, Victoria, B.C. (Curator/Facilitator)

2016 Integrate Arts Festival, Victoria B.C.

2015 - 2018 Art Capacity, Burdett House, Victoria B.C. (Designing and presenting art classes to mental health clients.)


2019 Artist talk, Xchanges Gallery, Victoria, B.C.

2015 Artist Talk, Camosun College, Victoria, B.C.

2015 Featured Artist, Kids Club - Royal Victoria Museum, Victoria, B.C.

2014 Guest artist, Villa Maria High School, Montreal, Que.